Thursday, April 4, 2013

smash owls and butterflies

remember  a couple weeks ago when smash sent the cool owl envelopes? i had several gray envelopes with some inked names and then looked for stamps and ways to finish them. the owl one is fine. the butterfly one still needs a lot of work, but i wanted to show the layering. that top one was just as blah as the bottom one before i added the colored pencil.

remember - colored pencils are life savers.
i might actually send these. the addresses will be tiny, under the names. in one line.

and the spaces within the name on the owl envelope will have some pale blue sky tones.


  1. sorry. this was almost 5 hours late popping up today. i forgot to set the time to 1 a.m.

  2. I would agree...colored pencils are life savers. They've saved more than one project of mine be it paper or fabric. Keep these envelopes are mighty inspiring...first blog I chase after every day!

  3. i just finished an envelope for *annie* will be popping up soon. maybe i will switch it tomorrow while i drink my coffee :-)