Sunday, April 21, 2013

sunday guest artist

a while back i posted several envelopes from the collection of klaus flugge, a publisher of children's books in the UK. i found more and these have more info on the artists.

Susan Varley was taught by Tony Ross. One of her most popular books is Badger’s Parting Gifts which won a Mother Goose Award in 1985. 

for those of you who think artists are just born talented and able to paint like this...note that she had a teacher. a few people are born with the ability to draw and paint, but most artists study.  

and according to a wonderful book that was sent to me recently...artists steal.
it is as if the author lives in my brain and collects my thoughts.
and now he has written them down to validate everything i have learned.
steal like an artist, by austin kleon 

the subtitle is:
10 things nobody told you about being creative.

i will have to search my own blog posts and see if i have mentioned all ten.

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