Monday, April 1, 2013

ideas for susan and everyone else

here are 18 ideas for susan. while today is april 1st, i am posting this on feb 22. remember susan who inspired me to continue with the blog (see feb 17 post) her note mentioned that she had planned to address one envelope per day to herself for all of 2013. then, a couple weeks later, she mentioned that she was getting tired of writing susan and it was only february. so, after a long hard day of working on a challenging job, i was tired and what's the antidote for being tired? that's right, make envelopes. i thought i would see if i could come up with 18 ideas in a half hour. i left the pencil lines in so you can see that it is good to pencil an idea and then when you finalize with the marker, make some changes if you see a better opportunity. and this also shows how the first couple ideas aren't that good, then they start to get better and at the end they just turn into trite little cartoons. making an S into a snake is such a cliche. unless you are a snake. they like them. and this might be the year of the snake. i'm a dragon. we have our quirks. remembering things is not one of them.

so, lets see some fun envelopes addressed to susan.
but mail them to me so i can put them on the blog and then i will forward them to susan.
420 - 44th street, 50312 (des moines iowa, but you don't need that)

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