Monday, April 8, 2013

mark b hill

i'm pretty sure i have not posted this one. mark has a blog and offered to send an envelope to anyone who requested one. so i did. now i owe him one. but, i'm obsessing over what he would like.

above is the link to his website. he last posted on mar 13th, so he is not an every-day-er.

i noticed he mentioned on mar 6th that he was doing some artwork that was an *homage* and then in the post right below, he called a design *recycled.*  homage-recycled-stealworthy. all very popular ways to make art. so, don't worry if you don't have any original ideas...just choose something that you like and do a variation. another expression that all my scribe friends will remember, if they ever took a class with peter...steal and conceal. he would walk around the class and point to student work and say, "oh, i will be stealing that idea later." that's part of the fun of classes....gathering ideas from each other.

mark also mentioned that after a 5 year break from doing art fairs, he is going to do an art fair in des moines in june. i suppose i should drop in and say hi. and don't miss the photo he posted of himself - when he was a youngster, engrossed in art. it is a-dor-a-ble. on the [about] page.

one last thing....he is self, i'm right again. classes are nice but not essential....if you are motivated, you can learn a lot on your own.

and...he's from wisconsin... :-)


  1. Ah-ha, another one from Wisconsin! And self taught? Figures! YEAH!!!

  2. hahaha...and why does this not surprise me he's from Wisconsin! LOL Thanks for the link, I'll go over and get inspired and see what I can find to steal!

  3. Thanks for the post, Jean. I wondered why my page views took an upturn for today! And yes, please do stop by the art fair in June. It will be air-conditioned...

  4. i will put it on my calendar :-)