Wednesday, April 10, 2013

smash w string

smash sent this a while back. i think there must have been some sealing wax on it that came off in the mail. the string is actual string and it looks like she used watercolor to make the envelope look like wrapping paper, so it looks like a package tied with a string. so cool. i will have to find a new seal for it....

her pointed pen work is lovely.
not everyone loves both pointed pen and broad edge. then there is pointed brush. i wonder if smash-girl does pointed brush?

and ruling writer? 


  1. This is pretty cool looking. Lately I'm wondering if things are coming off mail innocently, but I'm beginning to think they are having some help.

  2. it does mention in the postal guidelines that they have problems with things that can get stuck in the, they might prefer plain paper and ink...

    1. I'm sure the postal system prefers the easy way all the way. But when they charge extra for these things, then they stuff should remain in place. Even the mail I have taken inside to be hand cancelled for this sole reason, and paid the extra postage for this service, the item sometimes don't arrive with all their belongings.

  3. Wow - another fascinating envelope!! Love to see what you do and what you post from others!!

  4. this is what smash said in an email: Anyway, the envelope was a left over from a wedding job about 100 years ago. It was faded but I enhanced it with distress ink. The string was dipped in tea to dull the bright white. The lettering is pointed pen with walnut ink (John Neal). Too bad about the seal. I should have made it on glass or wax paper and glued it on with elmers.

    thank you for letting us know the details