Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the J

this is a bonus post today because i cringed when i saw the envelope (in the post below) that popped open this morning. i also saw the comment on the previous day - from Jack - who is interested in more Js. so, i did a google search for *the letter J* and there are tons of images for Js.

this one caught my eye. wouldn't it be fun to take pictures at the beach and print them out and fold them into envelopes. google *envelope template* and you will find lots of really simple templates for making your own envelopes.

you could add the rest of the name and address to the right of the J. and if you were doing the photos for envelopes, you could leave more space on the right. this image is from a blog that i have not looked at...i just chose this image as a fun one from google images. there were at least 20 more that i liked. 20 x 26 letters = at least 520 new ideas for the blog. i may not live long enough to render all the ideas. is the blog that first posted the J image. it has nothing to do with envelopes or lettering.

then, to see the best beach calligraphy on earth...go to this site and browse:
if you click on the section *People's names* and scroll down to the 11th name
you will see the one he did for me.
and read what he says about his connection to writing names...

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