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March 13, 2022 - Letterbox puzzle 

If you want to know how the money is divided when you send international mail - click on this


If you want to watch some graffiti guys


If you want to watch the Black Country Alphabet song
You can find a translation on Google

This has been all over the news recently........

The Black Country Alphabet ( I have provided translations in brackets for yow's oo doe speak propa!)

A is for Opple (Apple)

B is for Nana (Banana)

C is for Council Pop (Water) (the beverage that comes out of the tap)

D is for Donnies (Hand)

E is for Ere Ya Goo (Here You Are)

F is for Fittle (Food)

G is for Giz a Goo (Can I have a try)

H is for Oss (Horse)

I is for Ickle ( Small / Little)

J is for Jed (Dead)

K is for Kaylied (Drunk)

L is for Loike (Like)

M is for Mucker (Mate / Friend)

N is for Nah (No)

O is for Ow Am Ya ( How Are You)

P is for Tata (Potato)

Q is for Quid (Pound)

R is for Riffy (Smelly / Dirty)

S is for Suck (Sweets)

T is for Tara a Bit (Goodbye)

U is for Um (Home)

V is for Vest (err…vest)

W is for Ooman (Woman)

Y is for Yampy (Mad / Crazy)

Z is for Stripey Oss (Zebra)


  1. where do I sign up to do the envelope art???

  2. Instead of the *random info* tab - click on the tab that is envelope EXCHANGE rules - and you will see the details for signing up. Sign up for the Feb exchange starts tomorrow, Feb 1st. Or send an email to me - jmwilson411-at-yahoo-dot-com