Sunday, September 30, 2018

From Alyce to Rainbow

At some point there will be a report on how Rainbow responded to her stack of mail. If she is a good sport she will let me video the opening of the envelopes. If not, maybe I can get some snapshots.

Since the posts are already scheduled, I've been posting most of the Rainbow envelopes to appear in late December. But this has been so much fun and everyone has been so creative that I am going to bump one post per week so that they are scattered over the next three months.

This one from Alyce is super fun. It's in a clear envelope so the artwork is protected. It occurs to me that I might want to come back and post photos of the cards---
hmmmm----I had not thought about that----

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Bonus Post - Potholder Update + Rainbow Update

Today's post is right below.

An older piece from Diane Savona - Domestic Armor.
Read all about it and surf through her site if you are interested in very interesting textile art.

Diane Savona

Rainbow's birthday envelopes will pop up on Sundays, until mid December when there will be a whole slew of them.

Below is the envelope my son made for Rainbow. He stopped over to find a gift bag and tissue paper. He handed me the envelope for the card and then said, "Oh, I guess I should do it myself to make it more personal." I pulled out some markers and he was cringing at each letter he made. I had shown him some of the ones that had arrived from my pen pals. He said, "Oh, geesh, this looks like a 3rd grader's writing." I assured him it was just fine although he knows I took a picture of it to put on the blog to elicit chuckles.

But the envelope is nothing compared to the photo from the birthday party. He has long hair because he cooks at a restaurant, has no time to get haircuts, and finds it easier to keep his hair tied up while working. After hours - people (girls) sometimes like to braid his hair. And Wednesday night, someone realized that he looks just like Laura Ingalls Wilder/Melissa Gilbert. I need to take him down to our log cabin historical site and get a shot with better lighting and a log cabin in the background.  Plus, his hair is very close to hers in color.

Purple and Gold to Patty

There are only 3 or 4 in this series and I know this one is the last. The more I did the looser I got with the doodles. Of course - I generally like things better when they are looser.

Sadly - I forgot to do anything to the zip code - so hopefully Patty will fix that. I trust Patty to match my doodles perfectly.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Handmade to Faye - Another Rainbow Sneak Peek

I have a whole stack of printed paper that might get turned into envelopes. The whole name and address is under the pen....

Below is another sneak peek of the mail that came for Rainbow.
This one is from KathyS and I really like that design  - and the rainbow and the PR monogram.
Really cool.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

From Me to You - Cathy and Christine

It's been challenging to use up the little stickers that came with these stamps. I love the stamps - but I struggle with the little stickers because they do not have the sawtooth edge all the way around.

The only way to deal with not knowing how to use the little stamps was to just use them all up at once.

It's not the best design - but not the worst....

I can't decide if one is better than the other....

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Engraving to Marti

Marti exchanged a while back. Then she disappeared. Then she resurfaced. Sometimes I get confused when I am doing the outgoing exchange envelopes and do two to the same person. That happened with Marti and this envelope has been in a stack for quite some time. I was so happy when she popped up again because I really liked this style and didn't want to toss it. I was also very happy with that stamp. I only had one left - and it's been a favorite - so it was hard to part with it - But at least it went out the door with an equally loved font.

On top of liking the font, I can even direct you to it online if you want to try it yourself:

And below this font are more as well as other words describing other styles. A person could get lost wandering through all the fonts on Shutterstock.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Frozen Treats on Teal for Sherri and Jessica

This one is a combo of the curly and the FOREVER font. I probably like it the best of the four that have frozen treats on teal.

Below is another one with the FOREVER lettering in white. I added some polka dots - from the blue and pink frozen treat - as well as the *open-ptex-july*  This is the second month where I have used that information to fill in a space that seems to need some fill. It's a new idea that hopefully will evolve into something lovely.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Bonus Post - Another Bad Sign

Today's regular post is right below.

You probably think I am going to say something snarky about the lettering. Wrong. The lettering is just fine. The *bad sign* is that the Smith family (assuming they made the sign) is not mentioning the other family. What's with that? Even if there are two Smiths getting married, it should have been Smith-Smith Wedding.

IMHO, it's a bad sign for the family whose name didn't make the sign. Or maybe it's a good sign. Maybe it means that the family delegated the job of sign making to someone who knows nothing about weddings and just made the sign and the busy people were too busy to proof it which is fine because weddings are such chaos anyhow.

Although, what about the guests who were invited by the no-name family? What if they forgot the last name of the fiance of the person they know?

Or maybe it was a mail-order fiance and that person has no guests.

Now I have turned this into a game. How many other reasons could there be for a wedding sign with only one family? I can think of two more. I'll let others submit ideas.

For my local readers and those of you who were formerly local, this is at the turn off to Greenwood Park right behind my house. The outdoor amphitheater is popular for weddings.

A quick Google led to this photo - doesn't show the theater that well.

Just past the amphitheater is this murky lagoon. At 7 am it's actually pretty.

Purple and Gold to Nanski

This was a really nice envelope left over from a letterpress wedding invitation. The way it soaked up the purple ink was dreamy. And I liked the effect of the bleeding.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Teal with Frozen Treat for Kate and Maggie

After the frozen treats turned out to be unfriendly at becoming letters, I thought that writing in white might be a better option. The teal seemed to go with the stamps. A few frozen treats looked great. Others were so-so.

In general, I thought they were a little blah so I tried colored pencil. I have mixed feelings about how they turned out. So each envelope will not get its own day - they have to double up.

I tried making the letters look like the squiggle line on the frozen treat - but that didn't seem to be any better than the lettering that imitated the word FOREVER on the stamp.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Frozen Treats for Lynne - Sneak peek at a Rainbow envelope

In a perfect world, I will remember to finish this and photograph it and post the finished version.

I am dangerously close to getting a predictable system for send-receiving-and blogging all the mail.

There are no good tips to learn from this envelope - the frozen treats are not fun or easy to morph into letters. I'm not even sure I will keep this one on the blog - I'm going to flag it to be replaced.

A couple months later - it is Sept 7th and I am about to mail the Sept exchange envelopes. Once again, this one hid and was not finished. Maybe October.
I do feel the stack of orphans is getting much smaller.

It is now the 21st and when this pops up it will be only 4 days before Rainbow's birthday. I'm pretty excited about the envelopes that have arrived. I'll allow one sneak peek. And maybe a few more. Maybe one a week until we get to December. I only have about 6 days left to fill for 2018.

This just in from Heidi. It looks like the soap bubble technique. She must have dipped it three times and waited for it to dry between dippings because the colors did not mush together. Very pretty. Maybe she gave a description of her technique inside the envelope. Rainbow will be opening them next Thursday - the day after her actual birthday.

Rainbow knows about my blog - but I do not know if she checks it. I hope not - or she will not be surprised. Actually, I think she will be surprised by the variety - even if she knows that there is going to be a stack of mail for her.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Purple and Gold to Fatima - on Crumpled Paper

The envelope is printed with the crumpled paper image. This envelope has been in my stash for over 20 years. I know that because I remember buying it when my daughter was in high school.

I did not part with the piece of paper that goes with it because I usually send empty envelopes in the exchange. So, now I can make that piece of paper into one more very special envelope.

The lettering is fine - not uber-cool. But I like the bleedy quality and the contrast of the gold and purple. I have no idea what the *perfect* lettering for crumpled paper would be....


Potholder addendum. It's been crazy hot - and I parked in the sun - which resulted in the steering wheel of the car being too hot to touch when it was time to head home. I was thinking that I should keep some potholders in the car. Maybe oven mitts. They would pair nicely with my favorite ice scraper alternative - a pancake flipper. Not metal - the plastic kind for no stick pans. The ergonomics of the handle is actually much better than your standard ice scraper.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bonus Post - Throwback Thursday - 73,000 yr throwback

Regular post is right below.

I'm not sure how long NPR keeps their articles up - so I will repost the copy and one photo and then my own personal rant afterwards.

I love to show students a timeline that illustrates two points in time. The point at which we started with actual writing and written records compared to the oldest known *making-of-marks* which were not alphabets and words. The point on the timeline for oldest known making of marks has been going back, further and further, as discoveries have been made and a few years ago it was exciting when it inched back to 40,000 years. Compare that to the oldest known writing system - clay tablets - 3500 B.C. - or 5,500 years ago. That would put the timeline at 42 inches long and known writing would be the last 5 1/2 inches.

With this latest discovery, we can extend the timeline to 73-inches. Wow. nearly twice as long. And it gets better. I lost the link, but there was an article including a video about some odd stones, carved into shapes that were long and slender. They've been found all over the world and nobody could figure out what they were until someone noticed that they made a tone if they were struck with something. So, they are like caveman xylophones. Am I the last person to hear about this? Maybe an alert reader will leave a comment on what they are called.

Previously, I would talk about how the *doodling* gets a lot of attention because it was the only thing that lasted - but there must have been singing and dancing and music and theater and sports. Now I know that at least the musicians left some traces.

So here is the NPR story:

Scientists working in South Africa say they've found the earliest known drawing. It was dug up in a cave where early humans apparently lived for thousands of years and left behind numerous artifacts.
The drawing isn't what you'd call elaborate; it's a row of crosshatched lines along the smooth face of a rock that may have been a tool for making ocher. In fact, the red lines were made with red ocher. The pattern (with a little imagination) resembles a hashtag. What's remarkable is that it was apparently made about 73,000 years ago. That's tens of thousands of years older than similar drawings made in European caves.
The researchers, led by Christopher Henshilwood of the University of Bergen in Norway, have previously found a sort of toolkit for making ocher at the site, known as Blombos Cave, that dates back 100,000 years. That evidence shows that early Homo sapiens were clearly making ocher a long time ago, though for what purpose is unclear. And they've found a piece of ocher from about 70,000 years ago with engraved crosshatching on it.

It now seems that they weren't just scratching marks onto things, but also drawing on stone with ocher. "Our microscopic and chemical analyses of the pattern confirm that red ochre pigment was intentionally applied to the flake with an ochre crayon," Henshilwood and his team explain in the journal Nature.
To test their idea, the researchers made up a batch of ocher and used a wooden stick to paint it onto a similar shard of rock. They also made an ocher "crayon" and used that as well. The drawn lines matched the crayon application most closely. The researchers say that's an interesting distinction, suggesting that a crayon might have lasted longer, while ocher "paint" would have been prone to drying up quickly.
Research team member Karen van Niekerk, also from the University of Bergen, says these lines appear to be more than just random doodling. "The archaeological layer in which [the drawing] was found has yielded other indicators of symbolic thinking, such as shell beads covered with ochre and, more importantly, pieces of ochres engraved with abstract patterns," she writes in the journal Ecology & Evolution.
These people used different techniques and media, she says, supporting the hypothesis "that these signs were symbolic in nature and represented an inherent aspect of the spiritual world of these African Homo sapiens," says van Niekerk.

End of article - and here is my rant.
It annoys me when every discovery includes theories about symbolism and meaning. Maybe some of it was just mindless doodling. I hang with a enough people who agree that sometimes the activity is the whole ball of wax. It doesn't mean anything. It's possible to make marks that have no content. I'd go further and say that the content-less work is just as significant as the content laden, but that's probably too far out there for a lotta people, so, I'll just keep that to myself. Except I didn't, did I.

Two Paintings on Teal to Jackie

A recent envelope from Jackie was done in the dreamy-est white lettering on kraft paper. It was way better than this - but any time I see white ink, I am inspired to pull out my white ink - or in this case white PITT markers.

This lettering is fairly ho-hum. But, I was happy that I found duplicates for about 10 of these stamps. Being able to use these in pairs is really helpful as I was not having much luck pairing them with other stamps.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ruth's Birthday Idea for Skip and Peter

Ruth came up with this idea and I just love it. I've done it four times and I have not gotten the spacing correct on any of them. You'd think I would get out a pencil.

I'm thinking I need to do one really good version and then make a rubber stamp.

Here is another one. I thought it was super boring - all in blue. But I like monochromatic.

Maybe I need to try it where I do not care about the lines being justified. I like the words so much. I think Ruth might have had one more line that said:

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Iowa and Plant Guy to Anthea

While this one is not inspired, I do like the colors and arrangement.

There were a couple mistakes to disguise. I had an E in HASLER - HESLER. And the zip should have been 53562.

I'm fine with fixing things. Sometimes the need to fix something is better than just wanting to add something, but having the options be completely wide open.

Below is how it looked with some black. After I mailed it and opened this photo - I realized that I would have liked it better if all the black drop shadows had been done with the heavier marker.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Letters Mingle to Carole

The stamps were not affixed when I took the photo and I had a different stamp in mind for the 5th stamp - since this was the end of the Letter Mingle Souls stamps.

I took a picture of what I intended to do. But the overlap really bugged me, so I used one of my itty-bitty stamps. I use them only for emergencies because I suspect I will never find another sheet of them.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Off Topic Sunday - Have Potholders, Will Travel

Warning: silly fashion chatter. Skip this and scroll down for today's envelope.

A couple of you have been following my Swedish Death Cleaning adventure. I was able to discard an unfinished sweater that I had been working on for 15-20 years. It was an attempt to replace a favorite sweater. But when I sewed the pieces together - it just wasn't right so I boldly threw it in the garbage. It's the most egregious waste of a worthwhile raw material. But, it happened on a day where I simply had to start making some progress. I still have the favorite sweater and will just wear it in all its shabby glory.

I have another unfinished sweater that I started to make for my boyfriend who turned into my husband. So, it was started in 1977 or 1978. For the math phobic, that is 40 years. I have the 4 pieces finished, front, back, 2 sleeves. But the raglan shoulder seams do not line up correctly. I refuse to tear apart the sleeves and start over because they are solid cables on size 5.

At one time, I had a needlepoint project that I started when I was 8 years old. I was planning on keeping it and incorporating it into my end of life experience. But, it was so dang ugly. I'm thinking my end-of-life project will be a stack of mail. Addressed envelopes - and someone else will have to write the note that goes inside.

Back to the sweater. I went on Pinterest to get ideas for an alternative to use the pieces for something that would fit me. Oh.My.Gosh. The *alternative* sweaters are out of this world in both a good way and a bad way. Warning: if you are mesmerized by quirky knitting - you could waste a lot of time on Pinterest.

This model caught my eye. While I have not been able to find her name, she is featured in the Daniela Gregis runway shows, and you can see lots more of her by Googling that designer. In close ups, she reminds me a lot of myself. Scraggly pulled back gray hair. Wrinkles. I have never been into the rumpled, baggy, artist clothes. But this one - with the potholder necklace is very tempting.

Those of you who know me are saying, "Wait a minute. Jean, you are always rumpled and baggy." I know. But those are regular clothes - and not the ones that are supposed to be that way. Plus, I am now wearing a lot of hand-me-ups from my daughter. And I am only half as baggy as I used to be.

You can get a close up look at the model here. Also - note that in a couple shots, the models are wearing one red shoe and one blue shoe. Another tempting look to go with my potholder necklace.

Quilts to Lynne - Peggy's Quilt Blog

Pretty stamps - and I suppose I should have checked to see if Lynne has any interest in quilts. I do know several quilters who would have loved these stamps.

The colored pencil blending might not be my best blending...but I can't complain about the white space.

If you like quilts - below is a link to my friend Peggy's blog. I first met Peggy in college (1969-1972) and then she was the person who registered kids for art classes when I was forcing each of my kids to take an art class. None of them took more than one. They had other interests. But, my contact in the 90s with Peggy planted the seed for her to call me one day when she needed a substitute teacher in a kids class. She knew I lived one block from the art museum. So, I really owe everything to Peggy. My sanity. My warm and fuzzy relationships with actual people and pen pals. Had I not gotten into teaching I'm pretty sure I would have ended up at a funny farm. Full time mothering without art-ing was not a good fit for me.

Had I not started teaching kids, I would not have moved on to adults and I would have never started this blog. The original thought for the blog was a way to stay in touch with students. The steady stream of thank yous that I get from readers and exchangers is beyond gratifying and uplifting. *Note-to-self: write a proper thank you to the readers.

Peggy retired a few years ago and decided to start making things out of her gi-normous stash of textiles. I suggested that she not allow herself to buy any new fabrics - that she force herself to only work with what is on hand. Once in a while she will buy something and I get a call where I sound like her AA sponsor and she sounds like an addict who has fallen off the wagon. She also consults with me on decisions relating to the overall design.

Her quilts only follow the *rules* of traditional quilting very loosely. She's had two exhibits and both times, the quilts were very well received.

Of course, I'm the one who nudged her into putting them all on a blog. She resisted, at first, but I think she is pleased that she has them all photographed and can share the images with people who are not living in Des Moines.

So - if you are into quilts or art - you might enjoy this surf through a dozen quilts.

Peggy's Quilts

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Letters Mingle Stamps to Janet

It was very difficult to stop at this point with the lettering. I kept wanting to add something - but in the end, I let it go this way. Those colors are so odd - but I rather liked the whole effect and I was making real progress at getting rid of vintage stamps.

That white space in the corner might bother me. Luckily, I checked the list and discovered it was her birthday - so I can add a birthday greeting.

I like the way the two Es and the 3 are the only letters in the weird yellow-green-gold color. It was an impulse decision that worked out.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Fancy Blue Initial to Smash - Security Envelope to Carroll

The envelope to Susan might have been on the blog a while back because it spent a long time in a stack of half finished envelopes. I could never find a stamp that looked nice with it. This intaglio is probably the best we can hope for. It would have been lovely if it had been square.

I'll add one more envelope today in case this is a repeat. Carroll's is on a security envelope that I turned inside out. It looked better in person. These two were done in July when I tried to get all the exchange envelopes done on the same day that the people signed up so I was working fast and furiously.  Sometimes fast and furious results in fun stuff. Other times not so much. But - by the same token - working slow and steady is still only a 50-50 shot at doing something wonderful. So - it's best to not fret over how much time you have. Too little time, just crank 'em out. Lots of spare time - take it easy.

Keep in mind - I am only dishing this advice with respect to making envelopes or art. If you are a brain surgeon or an Uber driver or even the person cooking my dinner at my favorite restaurant...if you are on the job, you should avoid the extremes of rushed and lackadaisical.

Wow - I don't think I've ever seen that word in print. I did not know it had a k. I had to let the computer fix it for me. Maybe the computer is messing with me.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Bonus Post - Rainbow call for entries

This is just a rough draft.
The final will be posted once it is completed.
I'm really tempted to actually mail something like this to her at her address.
Today's regular post is right below this post.

This rough draft is for, Rainbow Penley, my son's girlfriend. Her birthday is Sept 26th. I put her name on the exchange this month (at my address) so that I could surprise her with a stack of fun mail.

So far I have three very fun envelopes from exchangers. Then it occured to me that there might be people who are not exchanging in September, but who would enjoy sending a Rainbow themed envelope. I guess it would not have to be Rainbow themed. She's the daughter of hippies (obviously), has a great sense of humor, and performs in public. She sings and plays the guitar. If I had a Janis Joplin stamp left, I would definitely use it.

There will be a drawing for a door prize from all the people who send Rainbow envelopes. I do not know what the door prize is - yet. I might post a list of options. I have quite an array of random interesting items. Or should we let Rainbow choose her favorite? Let me know which way to go with the door prize.

Your envelope must arrive by Sept 26th to be eligible for the door prize.
Late envelopes will receive a warm welcome - but no prize.
Here is the address if you decide to participate:

Rainbow Penley
420  44th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50312

OK. Back to your regular post.

May PTEX from Maggie and Patty - Flowers and a Taco

Not a perfect pairing. Two nice stealworthy ideas. The floral border on Maggie's (top) and the border around the stamp on Patty's.

Happy white space.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

May PTEX from Suzanne and Jessica - Stacked Animals

These two from Suzanne on top and JessicaS on the bottom are so cute together because the proportions are perfect for stacking.

So cute. My least favorite sculpture at the art museum a block from my house is a stack of animals. I dislike it so much I won't even provide a link to it. I have trained my eyes to not even glance in the direction as I drive by - it is an out of doors sculpture. If I had unlimited resources, I would figure out how to replace it with this stack of animals.

If I had unlimited time, I would just make my own mini-sculpture of these 4 animals. Or maybe a very nice hat for Smash-girl. We had a series of bird-on-head envelopes. Finn might have been in on it too.

too many ideas, too little time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

May PTEX from Sherri

Sherri's italica are superb. If you do italics - please note how her caps are pretty much the same height as the lower case. Often times, people make the caps too tall.

Another feature worth noting is the repetition of the squares. Several different sizes. Also - they are used in three different ways.

There is a strong rectangle component on the stamp - which is not exactly a square - but they are cousins - so the square details tie in with the stamp.

Monday, September 10, 2018

May PTEX from Lauren - Rope/Yarn Lettering

Lauren's lettering on my name looks handwritten, but the address looks like a font. I know it is not too hard to run envelopes through a printer.
But, I am not sure how she would have tilted the name. Although - there are those WordArt features - so maybe that was it. The tiny little drawing of the rope would have taken forever...wait a sec....that's not rope, it's yarn. See the sheep?

Lauren created a fun found poem inside a card. The poem was landscape, like the card, but I cropped it.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

May PTEX from Alison - Butterflies [Blogger/Comment situation]

These colors are so pretty. The white on the pink envelope is so opaque that I'm thinking it might be that correction tape. I have never owned my own but have seen it at my daughter's house. It looks really cool and if I allowed myself to bring new things into the house, I would get some - but alas - there are complicated rules about acquisitions. The rules about deaccessioning have become more and more relaxed.

***This is a comment in real time****

Something strange happened with Blogger, the host of this blogging service. In the past, if someone left a comment, I would get an email where I could OK it. For a while, I have noticed that nobody was commenting. What happened was that there were lots of comments - but Blogger did not send me the emails. I just happened to delve into the inner sanctum and found all kinds of comments.

I'm sad that I did not see them when they came in - and now it will be too complicated to go back and respond to everyone.

But, I have reinstated the *receive notification* option and it seems to be working. My apologies to all the people who commented - and then were ignored. I really enjoy comments. So keep them coming.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Sept PTEX to CathyO

My September exchange envelopes are ready to mail.

On several, I wrote *empty* and then crossed it out and added an enclosure. I have a huge stack of items that were printed by a friend who has at least a dozen letterpress printing presses. Those are the old fashioned presses that use metal type. His hoard of presses and type is ten times or maybe even a thousand times greater than my hoard of nibs and art supplies. It's hard to edit out my collection of artwork produced by friends - but none of it will mean anything to my kids. So - I am sending it out in exchanges.

Feel free to toss it. I hope all the exchangers read the blog daily so they know what the insert is. I did not take time to write out or type and print and stuff this explanation because I am definitely beyond the tipping point of the hoard reduction project and am rolling downhill at an alarming rate.

Well, that might be an overstatement....

Sorry to spoil your surprise of what your envelope looks like, Cathy. But this one did not please me - so you have a bonus one inside that will be a surprise. Not that it is spectacular - but I'm not sure any of the Sept envelopes were spectacular.

Friday, September 7, 2018

May PTEX from Miss Cathy - Peace Rose Stamp

Miss Cathy is retired and has time to do beautiful cards and envelopes. Technically I am retired - but I don't seem to find time to pull out the nibs and ink or gouache.

I think there is rubber stamping on the envelope too. The Peace Rose stamp is nothing special design wise - but the color is so pretty. I guess from a design standpoint I should not say that it is nothing special - what it is is minimalist - which is one of my favorite principles of design.

Less is more.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

May PTEX from Thomas (string art?)

This one received a *WOW* from my husband who doesn't usually have much to say about the mail.

That swoop through the middle looks like the technique where you dip a string into ink or paint, place it on the paper, put something on top and then pull the string. Maybe Thomas will let us know if that's how he did it. If so - I am going to remember to try it with my grandkids next time I see them. I had completely forgotten about the technique.

I am also intrigued with the style of lettering - it is a cool hybrid of Spencerian and copperplate....

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

May PTEX from Kathy and Anthea (watercolors)

Watercolors from Kathy and Anthea.

Snarl-face at the PO worker who made the ugly black mark on Kathy's. There is no cancel on Anthea's.

Kathy noted on the back that she was not happy with her Neuland lettering on my name. It looks like she was doing the entire thing with an outline - and I gotta say - trying to draw the outline of a letter without writing anything first is really hard. Really.

Anthea's envelope is collaged - nice grouping of stamps. Somehow, I am never really happy with my stamp groupings - and always impressed when I see a nice grouping. I think mine don't work out because I hesitate to put way too much postage on the envelope. I keep looking at the pennies piling up. She put 79-cents on this one -  She only needed the kiwi -or- the butterfly - but she used both - which is much prettier.

Jeri is the queen of finding the exact amount of postage - and having it be a gorgeous color combination as well. I'm thinking she might put her stamps together - and then comes up with the colors for paper and ink....I need to interrogate her.

If you do a search for -Jeri- in the search feature - you will see all of the mail that has gone back and forth between us and you will see several very pretty combinations of stamps. I guess you can search any name - and see my exchange by name..... 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

May PTEX from Trish and KateR - STEM Stamps

These two exchangers used the STEM stamps. Engineering and Technology. I did not buy these stamps - but they are perfect examples of how to spin very fun ideas off the stamps.

That vertical cancel on Kate's is so much fun.

Envelope exchangers have the option to exchange cards as well as envelope.
Trish sent the card pictured below.