Monday, January 30, 2023

Dec 2022 from Leslie - Troy and rambling


I love the subtle green dots - to complement the stamp. If I were to use those stamps, I'd definitely use that much red in proportion to the green.

Below - is an impressive envelope with stitching and sparkle. Very festive.

And the frosting on the cake -- another scribble tree.

Yesterday's post was getting long - so I didn't say anything about his closing remark that he had rambled on enough. I'd have to say it was just the right amount of rambling. These are stressful times. I'm having a burst of energy with these conversations with readers. I've always had some personal chit-chat going on with people - but it's never gotten to be too much. 

As I have mentioned previously - it's been an adjustment to switch from teaching and running the studio to  whatever it is I am doing now. Little by little - there are a ton of styles that will get posted - and if I forget to cross post them on a separate blog - PUH-LEEEZE remind me. It will be so much easier for all of us - if we can just go to one place and search for something fun.


Eye-rolling add-on.  It's been a while since I wrote that previous paragraph. There's no way I'll remember to cross post or label anything. Entropy wins.

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