Monday, October 31, 2022

Oct to Janet/Leslie/JeanR

 Janet probably gets more apologies than anyone else - for the dud envelopes that I make for her. I usually send a second one inside. But, this time, I had 20 envelopes prepared and I could pick my favorite for her so that I didn't feel like she was getting a dud. The lettering isn't anything special - but there was something about that creature that pleased me. Well, not *something* as if I didn't know what it was. It's something very specific that thrilled me to no end. 

The envelope is translucent so I could trace the little creature. Yup. Tracing. Not having to think too hard about the shapes and proportions. Correction: Not having to think AT ALL - was a real treat. Such a nice treat that I treated myself to two more. Does this mean I am going to start tracing? I don't know. Will I get fired for tracing? Probably not.

I loved the way I did Leslie's name on this one. I loved that I did not have to think at all on the witch.
I loved filling up the space on JeanR's. I was tempted to add some white highlight to the lettering - but, chickened out and did a little shading with a white pencil.

I'll add in the rest of the Oct envelopes over the next couple days so that they are all in one place. I still haven't found the 2021 envelopes -- grrr

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