Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Aug 3 flowers - to Carolyn, Jean and Kristine

There isn't much to say about these. They aren't awful but they aren't splendid. Once again, I think all of the shimmer envelopes have been used up. Or perhaps there are envelope gremlins who sneak in and hide a few - here and there. This is a drivel blurb. I'm not going to let it bother me. My loyal readers are so kind to ride these waves with me. We all know that at any moment I could burst forth with something wildly exciting. And so could you. Be comforted in knowing that exchangers have filled my mailbox with wonderful examples - coming soon. 

So, go forth and get your day started. Or if you read the blog at the end of the day - congrats on getting through the day. When the kids were little, I only needed for two things to happen to declare the day a success: 1) Nobody needed to go to the ER  2) There were no issues with heating/AC/plumbing/electricity.

Set your bars correctly and every day is magnificent.


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