Saturday, October 15, 2022

Aug stickers to Mia

 OK. Flipping back to stickers - and I had finished up all the clotheslines - so the new challenge was to see how many of the stickers I could use up. I was very happy with the way the front came out, although I would have liked a pink asterisk. 

Then on the back, I had fun cutting out the parts I needed from other letters and composing the rest of her last name which I have misspelled on occasion. Mia says that lots of people misspell her name.

Did anyone notice that the ss is actually two question marks without the dots? I think the c and e are also constructed out of leftovers. This envelope was the tipping point - and I was out of the woods, coming up for air, regaining my balance -- all those things that the surfers and bikers experience.

Spoiler alert -- the *victories* I show tomorrow are not really victorious. They are just fun and didn't make me go GRRRRRR. In my world, not Grrrring is a victory.

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