Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Stickers to Maggie + Sharon.

These were my two favorites from the sticker series. Things started out very routine - just figuring out good combinations of colors. Then the challenge to see how many of the stickers I could use turned into a fun game. As is often the case, layering a challenge onto a series makes things more interesting. Not always. But, in this case, I really had fun. Maggie's was the very last one and I love the stamp and love the parentheses.

Sharon's was second to the last and I like it just as much as Maggie's. Amazingly - I ended up liking the ruled border on the rectangle hanging on the clothesline. It was a complete surprise, after slogging through about 10 envelopes where I was so mad at myself for using a ruler on those rectangles - that I finally came to one that looked better with straight edges. 

Good lesson - don't make up your mind about what's *right.* Pretty much anything might work.

I do not recall who received these extra stickers on the back of their envelope.

I had a vague recollection that someone asked to see the coffee pot stamps. Here they are.

And here we are - the unused stickers. I just noticed that I know someone who has fx in their email address. And I could use the S on something to Smashman and tip the Z over so that it is an N - which would be a nice bookend on a SmashmaN - but, I am 99% sure that I threw this away after I took the photo.


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