Thursday, October 6, 2022

From Lynne in July and ???

This is probably the last of the July envelopes. The envelope is from Lynne - I like that J and the cancel is perfect with that lettering. My system for keeping images in organized and named folders didn't work this month because I ended up with the card below - and I do not recall who it is from. There is a 50/50 chance that I will find it and update this blurb. Leslie is a good guess, because she does a lot of writing with the ruling writer - but I don't think she is the only one. It's the penmanship under the RUN that has me confused. I can see a tiny word under the N - but can't make it out. Seems like it might be Rumi?

Here it is late August - and I am writing October blurbs - you know what's coming. Holiday mail dilemma. I am vigilant about sending my Dec (holiday) exchange envelopes inside the November envelopes - which I require myself to get in the mail by the middle of November because I do not want to contribute to the tsunami of mail that the USPS deals with in December. So, JeanW, if you are reading this - and you have not figured out your Dec mailing - it's time. Remember what made you so lazy on the day you were writing this? The annual eating of the fresh corn. Yup. You only eat it once a year - and you eat it at noon and then you are worthless for the rest of the day - but it was delicious.



  1. Nope, not me. Very cool though -- love the R & N! And yes, it's a quote by Rumi:'s%20comfortable.-,Forget%20safety.,Destroy%20your%20reputation.

  2. You make me laugh 😃 Corn consumption at its best!