Monday, October 3, 2022

Mary's seaside in July - Google docs translated

Whew. our pen pal from Fort Myers signed up for the Oct exchange. Apparently her house is OK. She did evacuate - so, I suggested we hold off mailing our envelopes to her until she is home and confirms that the USPS is delivering. I'd been wondering what they do with the mail that is addressed to homes that have been destroyed. 

Soooo cute. Love the clothesline. Love the address in the clouds.

Apologies for this very off-topic topic. Feel free to ignore this.

This is my first blog post in both French and English because I saw an article with eleven tips for Google docs. They called them tricks - but I disagree. They are simply how to make things work. How is that a trick? It’s a tip.I had never used Google docs so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try something new during the chore avoidance portion of my day. 

I will include the directions here. Step one, type in in that space at the very top of your screen. Personally when I want a *new doc* I would think to type in *new doc* - instead, we have to type in So many things are backwards.

OK - that worked. Then all we have to do is choose the [Translate] feature under [Tools]. I actually think that is logical and I might be able to remember it.


Ceci est mon premier article de blog en français et en anglais car j'ai vu un article sur les onze astuces pour Google docs. Ils les appelaient des trucs - mais je ne suis pas d'accord. Ils sont simplement comment faire fonctionner les choses. Comment est-ce un truc? C'est un conseil. Je n'avais jamais utilisé Google docs, cela semblait donc être une occasion parfaite d'essayer quelque chose de nouveau et d'éviter les tâches quotidiennes. 

Je vais inclure les instructions ici. Première étape, tapez dans cet espace tout en haut de votre écran. Personnellement, quand je veux un * nouveau doc ​​*, je penserais à taper * nouveau doc ​​* - à la place, nous devons taper Tant de choses sont à l'envers.

OK - cela a fonctionné. Ensuite, tout ce que nous avons à faire est de choisir la fonction [Traduire] sous [Outils]. En fait, je pense que c'est logique et je pourrais peut-être m'en souvenir.


  1. You are awsome .... Tu es incroyable Thank you ... Merci

  2. There is a logic to "" instead of "new doc".

    Think of an outline where each subheading refers back to the level above so you have something like:

    Then putting this together on one line, highest to lowest, and separate each level with a dot:


    In your case "" is part of a list of possible commands that would include things like "" (which would also require that you give a name) or "".