Wednesday, October 26, 2022

From Rachael in July - flying

Add this to the list of envelope ideas that I intend to appropriate some day. It has a lovely art nouveau quality. Of all the various styles that one can find in actual fonts - they seem to be the most friendly to doing by hand. Somehow they are a perfect blend of shapes that seem natural or hand-drawn - but with a certain amount of precision. I'm not happy with the words that I just strung together. Maybe I'll figure out a way to say it better when I review it right before it pops up.


It's incredible how fast the time goes. No time to come up with serious design and lettering posts - resulting in an off-topic add-on. My brother sent a video that he thought I might like. To be honest - the description did not intrigue me at all - but, I clicked. The first couple minutes didn't look like it was going to hold my attention and then - wham - it became interesting. I think the thing that grabs me is when something has been around for a long time - and people care enough to keep it going.

Obviously, the thing that interests people like my brother - is the part where the guy is *flying* without an airplane. I have ZERO interest in flying without an airplane. But, I have a sibling and offspring who are thrilled to fly through the air - so I understand *flying* has appeal to quite a few people. For me, not falling down during daily activity is enough of a challenge.

So - here is a person flying with the aid of just one helium balloon strapped to his back. At the very least, you are probably curious as to just how large that balloon needs to be. Also, how much does it cost to take a spin with a helium balloon strapped to your back?


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  1. Love your letter and me ideas for the next "happy mail" to go out.
    Yes, it sure is incredible how time speeds by...should be given a speeding ticket.