Thursday, October 27, 2022

Oct to Chuck and Patty-- recycled clothing video


My 2022 Oct exchange envelopes will appear in groups - because they are mostly Ed Emberley designs. I was not wildly excited about these two because the lettering is nothing more than basic printing. But, I do love the colors and had fun. Having fun can be hard - so I appreciate that I got over that hump. Another shout out to Chuck for the inspiration to do all the designs ahead of time and then put the names on later. 

While I like the white space - I wish I had put some colorful bubbles on the witches brew and maybe a bat or two with the monster-guy. I prefer the stamp placement on Patty's. Nothing like obsessing over every little detail, eh?


Here is a video that I really enjoyed on multiple levels. As I recall, I have mentioned being on a campaign since May of 2011, right after my daughter's wedding to minimize the purchase of any new clothes and be creative with repairs and alterations. It's been a fun project. This video is about the *boat loads* of clothing that are shipped to India and the people who re-cycle the clothing. The glimpse into the people who do the work is very interesting. It is 15 minutes - 

Video about recycled clothing

Tomorrow we will delve into mending [again].

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