Wednesday, October 5, 2022

From Rachael, Janet & Chuck - Oct 2020

This is real-time info. Hester emailed me yesterday wondering if I would be posting the Oct 2021 envelopes this month. I had forgotten all about holding those over for this year. When I went looking for them, I did not find them, but I found a folder with images of the 2020 October envelopes - labeled *unblogged.* That doesn't mean anything. I seldom remember to delete or change the wording on any folder after I post the images.

So, I spent an hour searching for them - and I found a ton of great stuff - but I did not see these three. I have most of October filled up with non-Halloween jabbering and I am not going to move those posts. I'll do a couple bonus posts with the rest of the Oct 2020 envelopes. 

Will I ever find the Oct 2021 envelopes? Who knows. My hard copy filing system is a mess and my digital filing system is -what- ? I can't think of a word to adequately describe my inability to manage files/docs/folders/etc in the digital world. I am also happy to report that none of this chaos phases me in the least. I have let the concept of being highly organized drift off into the wherever.

If you do a search for Halloween - you will find a ton of good ideas.

If anyone recalls seeing these - please let me know. I'm just curious.

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