Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Aug clothesline to Chuck (Alt blog)

Obviously, I should have planned out the color options before I decided to see how many of the letters I could use off the page of stickers. I like these colors - but the stamp has pink. Maybe I should have found a better stamp. I like the overlapping.
I have crossed paths with 3 different people who wanted to improve their penmanship. One on the east coast, one on the west coast, and one in Indiana. Because I miss teaching, it was fun to find people who were eager to learn and welcomed my lessons and pontification.

The first two were willing to send me examples of their work in the mail. It is so much easier to help people when I can see the actual writing on paper and not a photograph. I could not figure out why the third one was not sending anything in the mail. I figured he was one of those people who couldn't wrap his head around the concept of letting the instructor see the penmanship. 

So, I wrote him an email rant and was able to choose words that made sense and -voila- he says he has written me a letter. Part of our email exchange reminded me of things I learned and things I taught that I wanted to share with him to reinforce my *lessons.* 

And then I thought - gee - why not share them with the blog? I don't like to write really long posts, so, I am going to post them on one of my other blogs and just include a short blurb with the lesson that is posted on this blog. 
Answer to Leslie - since I still can't comment on my own blog -- I think I picked those stickers up from Michael's a loooong time ago - off their sale rack. They were supposed to be suitable for sticking on walls.

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  1. These letters are super fun, Jean! Where did you get them?