Saturday, July 24, 2021

Stealing from Janet, step 3 (Fish book and Chatter book)

I was happy with Lauren's and it would have been easy to do a bunch like that, but, I knew I needed some variety for the blog so, I switched the focus to the lettering. Those lines and hearts on Cathy's don't do anything for me. I wonder what I tried next.

Please excuse the skimpy blurbs. These posts were written a long time ago and I thought I would try to add to them with more current topics. At the moment, there is nothing going on -- except the routine stuff that is pretty boring. 

I listened to a book that I really enjoyed, but I have no idea if anyone else would like it. Maybe if you find some reviews, you can figure out if it would be  of interest. It's non-fiction - and does not remind me of any other book.
Why Fish Don't Exist by Lulu Miller

Currently, I am in the middle of Chatter: the voice in our head, why it matters, and how to harness it, by Ethan Kross.
That crazy little Jean that yaks at me all day has been such a mixed bag. Sometimes she is helpful but other times, she wreaks havoc. Research has been going on for quite some time and I am sure there will be more - but for now - this is a wonderful description of what's going on and how to *get a grip* so to speak. I am tempted to pull out bullet points so that you don't have to read the book - but since I am only halfway through, I will save that thought.

The latest chapter explained the value of me referring to myself as Jean when I am talking. So, Jean hopes that she does not annoy the heck out of you with her new way of speaking. There are about 35 posts already written- and Jean is not going to go back and edit them. Starting in late August, the format should be consistent. 

Jean welcomes input and will rethink this decision if she receives enough persuasive comments from readers and penpals. Keep in mind, if Jean can get a handle on evil-Jean who does all the problem chattering, it might enhance the blog. Let's give it a try.


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