Thursday, July 29, 2021

Scrawling to Rachael, Chuck, Troy and Smash

It looks like I lapsed into a *git'er'done* frame of mind. Apologies to all. 
The one to troy wandered around and came back to me. The address was perfectly clear. I sent it back inside a new envelope for the June exchange.

Once again, a lame excuse -- but these were from my doldrum days.
I'm sure we are all very happy that those days are gone.

The skimpy clothing for women controversy seems to be gaining some momentum. Wouldn't it be lovely if some common sense burst forth? I'm not going to hold my breath - but I'm not going to be cynical. 

I have some fabulous mail to photograph and post - it's been a few weeks since I put up any new posts. I'm still 100% warm and fuzzy because so many of you enjoyed the wedding mailings. Thank you again for comments and posts. I have another series that will start on August 25th. It's a tiny bit off topic, but, there are a couple tie-ins that I just love. Topics that run for a few days seem to be fun.

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