Saturday, June 3, 2023

To Kate in May (11)


Here is a quick peek at something I sent in May. We still have a couple for Tracy to look at before I get into the hodge hodge of my May envelopes. Don't get your hopes up - because you just went through 10 days of reading what a difficult week I was having and I didn't say anything about that being the same week where I needed to get my May envelopes in the mail. 

The envelope above is the one I sent. It is vellum and the name is cut paper. I cut up the envelope below because after I looked at the wimpy black outline on the one below, I thought maybe a bold outline would help but it just made it worse. 

Even though I have no idea who Krazy Kat was - I thought it would be fun to write Kate in the same style as the Kat - but red marker would turn to muddy purple on the blue paper.


Closing statement from the 10 part story of the certificate.
Thank you for letting me jabber. It was a silly story - with way too much information - and as I mentioned at the beginning, I know there are some old school graphic designer types who read the blog - and I figured they could relate to some of the stuff that happened. 

The moral of the story - if your last job before your retirement is official turns into a hot mess - that's OK. It doesn't mean you are an idiot who never learned how to execute your assignments. It means something else. I'll let you know what that is when I figure it out.

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