Thursday, June 8, 2023

From Janet to both Amy and Tracy

Amy is a newer exchanger and she read my suggestion to send me images of envelopes that are really pretty. It was fun to see the two variations of flowers that Janet sent. Sorry to keep repeating this - but you really can't go wrong with flowers.

Technically - I did *go wrong* with flowers on something that is coming up. They aren't barf-worthy. But they didn't turn out quite as nicely as they should have. I'll explain when we get to it.

I always feel a little guilty stealing directly from people I know - but, I don't know why. I'm all about stealing. People should be flattered when I steal their stuff - right?

We are getting close to the end of the set of Tracy envelopes. Family O' Foxes left a comment at the beginning of the series hoping I would tell how I presented the envelopes. 

As I mentioned a few days ago - I ended up wrapping all of the cards in one package with a card and envelope from me on top - and forgot to take a photo. Grrrr. Tracy sent the nicest email with the word *Speechless* in the subject line - although, I knew she'd have some fun things to say.
Here are excerpts from her email:

truly overwhelmed
studying each envelope
plethora of design masterpieces
gesture of supreme beauty

I knew Tracy would love the envelopes - thank you to everyone. I am going to put her mom, Caroline Levine, on the list for August because her birthday is in September. Caroline loves all things blue and white - her accent color is yellow. So that should be a fun color palette - if anyone wants to start pondering ideas. 

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