Thursday, June 15, 2023

Lichtenstein to Susan

This is my least favorite stamp of the series - but I think it ended up being my favorite envelope. When I had the idea to write the name between two lines and then just pull details off the stamp - I was thinking it was going to go well. I even took a picture of it before it was finished. 

As I filled the spaces - I was grrrrring at myself because I did such a bad job on the fine parallel lines. I can draw parallel lines. There was no reason for them to be so sloppy. I'm still grrrrrring at myself. But, I was OK with how it turned out - especially considering it was the very first idea with this stamp.

I'm expecting some more good ones - and will choose people who have the right number of letters in their names. I like that purple on the right. It does give a decent amount of flexibility on fitting the letters in. Note to self - have a chunk of solid navy blue on the left.

***5:15 am today - I see that left the H out of Mashman. Grrrr

This is the type of portrait I would have preferred - to me it's what we think of when we think of Roy's portraits. Plus - SMASH would have looked really nice in a wild swirl of blonde hair.


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