Friday, June 9, 2023

From Maggie to Tracy - Angela, MT

So pretty - but what's going on with that zip code?

This was not a happy outcome for the envelope - but it was a wildly exciting trip down memory lane for Jean. Somebody in Angela, Montana made darn sure that this envelope got to its destination - and documented where it had been. 

The scanning machine must have read it as 59312 - instead of 50312. I'm not sure what the issue was with the 5. Maybe the postal worker tried to make it more *five-ish* -- and messed it up. The issue with the 0 looking like a 9 seems like a stretch. But, if you look at the 0 in 420 - the scanner machines are probably not seeing many zeros that look like that.

This just reminds me to make my addresses clear - and machine readable. I'm not saying the rest of you need to do that - but - you take a chance when you do anything other than block printing.

Here is the fun part (for me): since I was born in Montana - I had to check the map and figure out where Angela is. Oh, my gosh. It's 25 miles from Miles City and I lived in Miles City when I was a toddler/pre-schooler -and- I have very strong memories (as an older kid) of riding along highway 59 from Miles City, heading northwest to Jordan - on summer trips to visit my grandparents. From Jordan to Miles City is 80 miles of peace and quiet. It was almost eerie how little traffic there was. Of course, I had to check Zillow to see the houses in Angela.

There is a lovely property - price reduced to $2.6 million - 1,245 acres and a modular home. Seems pricey for a modular home -- until you read on - and see that you get "roughly 800 head of sheep." If you have time to kill - there are 50 photos of the ranch - and you will be enchanted by the field of sunflowers and then probably stunned when you see the one lonely tree. Yup -- one lonely tree - on 1,245 acres. It's a true minimalist hunk of earth. 

Yes, I see that it is outside the 59312 zip code - but it was the only listing to pop up anywhere near Angela.

Oh my gosh - I just went to Google street view. I hope this link works. If not - just Google Angela, MT on Google maps. It's a spectacular view of what must be one of the loneliest post offices in the US. But they do have a tree. One tree.

I started wondering what the postal worker thought of Maggie's beautiful envelope. It might fun to send some random mail to *Angela* at the Angela post office.....

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