Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Rube Goldberg to Leslie

 In a perfect world, I would have had all the letters drawn in and around a Rube Goldberg machine. 

In a perfect world, I would have checked (sooner) to see if all the posts for this week were adequately written.

I recently watched a little video where a creative person was explaining her theory about why the seeking of perfection is a roadblock to creativity. While that is true for her and for me - I acknowledge and respect that we live on a bell curves or both sides of the coin or whichever way you would like to look at it.

It was a surprise, yesterday - when I thought I better check the week's posts to make sure they were not ridiculous -- and this one was empty. So here I am filling it in after only three sips of coffee. Since I need to be fully caffeinated to make sense, I think I better check on the Wednesday post and see if there are any words.

1 comment:

  1. This week has been fine in terms of post. Good job Nana!