Saturday, September 24, 2022

From Leslie in July - Skateboard video

I love notebook paper - and so does Leslie. She's a big fan of neon colors - as am I. There will be another one in a different color or maybe it already ran. That stamp is perfect.

Every time I think I am done with the skateboarding topic - something else pops up. This is a very clever video that has a technique for showing how many times these people will fling themselves through the air to  learn their tricks. Danny Gregory posted it on his weekly letter - so maybe you have already seen it. If not - I think it is a lovely illustration of how persistent one must be to *learn a trick.* Or maybe you just want to make a pretty capital D. It's all the same. Although, there are fewer bruises and broken bones in penmanship.

It's only a minute and a half.

If you scroll down to Wednesday of this week - I accidentally *posted* a post in the past. I did not know you could do that. It's about an older post that created a huge spike in the views. It includes envelopes by Lynne and Rachael. And - they are both good steal worthy ideas for anyone who is starting their holiday mail early this year.

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