Friday, August 12, 2022

To Rachael in July - *Weather* report

This is one of the better results with the clothesline caps. It's nice to leave plenty of space between letters for the colored pencil and that stamp is ideal if you like to use many colors but you don't want to agonize over which colors or how many.


After the farm report - it seems like we should have a weather report. In Aug of 2020, a derecho blew through Des Moines and surrounding areas (states) causing as much damage as a tornado. Most of us had never heard of a derecho and we hope it was a once a millennium event. I just saw a report of a haboob in NW Iowa. I've never heard of a haboob - and neither has spell-check. This is very concerning. Google has heard of it - its a desert sandstorm. Not that we have deserts in NW Iowa, but we have dirt - and between derechos and haboobs - we're talking Dust Bowls. 

I'm not going to delve any further into ominous weather. I'm going to switch to the way I use those dash marks instead of commas. I extend my most sincere apologies to any punctuation specialists who read the blog. 

I had to check the spelling of derecho - and stumbled across this weather map. I don't even know how to *read* weather maps - I just know that those are some really big hunks of weather covering a lot of territory. And here is how you pronounce it: də-rā′chō (duh-raitch-oh)

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