Saturday, August 6, 2022

To Faye in July

 One of my favorite things to do with rubber stamps is layer them and get ghost images by not inking them every time I make an impression. This one is so pretty with the stamp. I also like the name and address spacing. 

If you read the blog yesterday - before 6am, CDT - you missed the P.S. that the full story about Clothesline Caps and where they came from will be popping up one of these days. Stay tuned. I will post an exemplar eventually.

I feel like the posts have been too much jabbering about filling up July - then a brief lull - and now all I can think about (to write about) is filling up August. Happily, I have a nice stack of mail from the July exchange - and I am pretty sure I will not have to skip any more exchanges. So we are about 50% back on track.

That's a joke. There never was a track. This is a random journey. None of us know for sure where we're going. The best we can do is brace ourselves for the unexpected.


  1. I LOVE your comment on "back on track"... May I borrow that just for my own cards & giving you credit?

    1. Feel free to use the "back on track" comment -- and no need to give me credit. Thank you for asking.