Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving and Housekeeping

The blurbs I write which will appear on holidays rarely relate to the holiday on which they appear - but, this year I am offering a random gathering of items found in my files along with my best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving or my sincere condolences if anyone is dealing with a rough patch. Let's call this a  celebration of leftovers. My favorite part of Thanksgiving = leftovers. The following are leftovers or orphans or maybe repeats. 

Apologies to Carolyn -- I think I sent her another metallic on brown vellum in November --She will be happy to know that I only have 2 of those envelopes left and I will probably remember to not send another one to her.

Mystery solved. This was from Debbie Gallas - another disappeared exchanger.

OK - I figured out who did this one (above) -- and it might be Debbie Gallas.
Below, I'm 99% sure it is from Kristine.

Card above, envelope below - from JeanR -
I neeeeeed to sit myself down and do some medieval stuff.

Janet must have sent this (below) to me -- but I have no idea who it was from. I'm sure she told me -- but, the chance of me finding the email is 0.0%

Another person who gets too many apologies from me for the ho-humminess of what I sent to her is Smash. I suspect this was a Dec env inside a Nov mailing -- 

We have not talked about Legos in a while.
This looks like something I would like to do

Something else in a random folder that I was going to add to the blog in the off-topic category. It is the broach bouquet I made for my daughter. She carried it at her wedding rehearsal. I used up all the random old jewelry from my grandmothers, mother, me, and even things that had been hers. One item is the remaining earring from a set that had been a favorite - until she lost one. If you have never seen broach bouquets - you may Google and see lots more. I had so much fun making it. And now - it can just sit on a shelf like a little topiary.

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  1. Broach bouquet is stunning! As I've never heard of these, I did Google them...what an amazing idea for a bride!