Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Dec 2020 from Janet - steal worthy layout

Here is Janet's 2020 kraft paper envelope. I don't even remember these Santa stamps. Looks like they are 32-cents - so that was a while ago. I usually think that black and gold on kraft paper needs a little white. It is interesting to note that the white on the stamps is enough *highlight.* 

I wonder what she used to make that rectangle. It almost looks like a putty knife. Does she remember? Does she want to share her secrets with us?

Below is her collaged card - both sides -- As I recall - she has about 24 people in her family - with offspring, their spouses and grandkids. I think she made everyone a new stocking last year. I think she might have even sent me a photo. I think I might have intended to post it this year. I wonder if I could find it. Stay tuned. And Janet, feel free to correct me if none of what I am remembering is even close to being accurate.



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