Wednesday, February 8, 2023

From Mary to Janet - Sue Greenseth

I said there were a couple - but there are actually 5 envelopes from Mary - so, I'll tuck the other 3 in a folder and go back to the Dec envelopes. This looks like it was *mixed media.* It ties in with the stamp very nicely. I made a new folder - !!UNBLOGGED - that should show up at the top of the list. Maybe that will help me not lose it. 

Today's add-on is a link to some superb Neuland -- and more if you know how to explore rabbit holes.
Sue Greenseth has a ton of work online. 
This link will take you to the page where I found this image LINK to Neuland
And this link will take you to her portfolio with 11 more topics. LINK to portfolio
Here is her IG handle:  @sue.tangomango

I hit 1.5million views on the blog within the past couple days.

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