Friday, February 3, 2023

Dec 2022 from Smash - vintage USPS

Isn't this gorgeous? Smash gets an A+ for remembering to send me a photo of all her envelopes - which she did right before she mailed them. I noticed that she had 240 instead of 420 for my house number when she sent the photo. I didn't mention it to her at the time and was hoping that it would show up. I think my letter carrier is paying attention - because there is no sign of any bar code or cancel. 

Here is a nice photo of all of her envelopes. I don't know why I blocked out my own address.

On the same day that this one arrived, there was one addressed to me at 430 - 44th. I did have my studio at 430-44th - but we sold that property 10 years ago. I appreciate that my letter carrier is looking at the names on the mail - especially during the time these two were delivered - during that intense cold spell when it was double digits below zero.

Here is a good add on to go with my appreciation of current postal service. Thank you to Chuck for finding these fun vintage USPS photos.

Xmas Post Office Cart, Washington DC, 1919

This might be a repeat - but, in case I am just confused, I'll run it again. I remember my mailman pushing one of these through the neighborhood where I grew up in St. Paul in the 60s - although the caption says 50's.  

Oh - here's another one I just found in my download folder. Maybe my new method of posting fun things will be the minute they come in - I post them - and then I won't get confused. It's worth a try. 

This one reminds me of those freestanding kiosks where you took film to be developed. Fotomat? I think that was the name. [pause to Google] Yes, that was the name - and - there is additional useless information on Wiki if you are interested. I recently watched something where a group of 20-somethings were politely listening to a 70-something tell a story - and it has inspired me to be extra careful about talking about the olden days.

I'm pretty sure there are very few - if any - younger people stumbling across my blog any more. 

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