Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sharon (5) pink Beatles quote

Sharon wrote:

Who can resist the Beatles? The lyrics to their "Birthday" song going round and round like a record. The enclosure was a piece of mulberry paper adhered to pink card stock. Lettering was a bit rough going with so many particles in the paper, but I thought it looked really nice in person. Fun monster stamp, too!

Jean's comments: I like the spiral words that wind around and end up with the name - very clever. My daughter has the Disney channel - so I watched the recent film with previously unseen footage of the Beatles working on their last album. The original film played up some of the friction between band members and made Yoko look like a problem. I agree that the new version didn't show any friction or frustration. The way George *quit the band* did not look like he was serious - just nudging the others to get the album done. Ringo had perfected staring-into-space-while waiting for John and Paul to get 'er done.

They looked like a bunch of artists collaborating. That can be a very tricky process. It also gives an accurate glimpse into just how tedious it is to *make art.* There is the initial idea - and then it just takes time to futz around and get it right.

I do not recommend spending one's time watching it - unless you are a die hard fan - and even then - it's a lot of repetition.

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