Monday, December 13, 2021

MikeGoldish to JeanR

A while back CathyO sent a very cool envelope with lettering similar to that *thing* on the far left. I did not go back and really study it and I didn't look carefully at Mike's examples on IG. All I did was reflect on his inspiration which (I think, but I am not sure) was the popular phrase: A line is a dot going for a walk.

I deeply regret that I do not have time to research the original source of that phrase. It used to be on the tip of my tongue because was a major lesson in my classes when I was teaching. Feel free to Google it and make a solo trip down that rabbit hole.

I did not fill up enough space, so I added her name a second time. The color choices look a little off - but it was more about having fun. Or trying to have fun. We might try again sometime.


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