Thursday, December 9, 2021

My Dec to Troy - (Andrea Wunderlich)

This idea had so much potential, but I only did one and it didn't inspire me to do any more. Maybe some other time. The card inside is showing through a bit. I wish I had photographed it. It was from Corina Taylor and it was a beautifully lettered Bah Humbug. I have no idea how Troy feels about the holidays. I think he understands that I am just clearing out my hoard.

My Nov envelope to him is dreadful - in fact, it is so dreadful, I didn't even photograph it. My deepest apologies, Troy.


Here is what I really want to try:

I love this so much. It is by Andrea Wunderlich. She is teaching at the international calligraphy conference in 2022 which will be on the west coast.

Link to her website:  Andrea's website

I feel like these Dec posts are too short - but, I do not want to fill them with drivel. Bear with me.
It's possible that I will think of interesting things to say down the road.


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  1. Ask Troy for a photo of the card, as I'm curious to see it! (I hate when I do that too -- forget to take pics!)

    Love the way you did his name!