Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Celebrating the end of my Nov-Dec situation

I thought I was done with my own - but apparently not. This one didn't bother me as much after I drew the white circles around the dots. Such a random minor thing that made such a big difference. It helped that the copper Sharpie looked nice on that paper.

This one is a deeply regretted offering - but Patty has listened to me whine in person, and she seems like a genuinely sympathetic person. She's a mom -- but no daughters - so maybe her tolerance for whining is above average. Most boys are not whiners.

But my theory probably won't stand up because on the other hand were have Janet, with multiple daughters -- and she seems to tolerate my whining as much a Patty does - so, what it takes to be a whiner-tolerator will remain a mystery - to me. It is entirely possible that I was a whiner - so when I hatched one of my own - I was made aware of my least pleasant trait. 

The landscape on Janet's has been in the stack of unfinished envelopes. Out the door. Happy trails.

And the final envelope of the Nov-Dec debacle -- is exactly like the one I sent to Christi a while back - except it had a correctly facing N. It's not like me to redo something with such a minor mistake. But, I did. So there is sat - in a stack - and voila - it looks wonderful with the last remaining western wear stamp.

So long to the stacks and the stamps the Nov-Dec list.

I have edited some of these posts with Nov-Dec envelopes that I did not love. More than one person thought I was too hard on myself. At first, I did not get it. To me, I was just being truthful. Then I realized that I'm not a fan of listening to people crab (whine) about their work. I'm still going to say that I deeply regret things when I deeply regret things. That was Rachael's line and I love it.

There will be a valiant effort to make objective comments about things that could be refined. As I recall, Peter Thornton (one of the world's best calligraphy teachers) used to wear a t-shirt to his workshops that said, "No whining." Does anyone else recall that t-shirt? 


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