Sunday, December 5, 2021

My Dec to Carolyn (Christmas Seals)

Here is another way to alternate colors to establish some kind of design on the envelope. It helps to have both large tips and fine tips. Having 3 would be even better. As mentioned, I put my Dec exchange envelopes inside my Nov envelopes - to give the USPS a break. Since the Dec envelopes were not going through the mail, I used old Christmas Seals as faux-stamps. My mom saved all of her Christmas Seals and I have come close to throwing them out. At the very least, I need to sort through them and ditch the designs that I do not care for. I love this one from 1954. I remember how much I loved putting the Christmas seals on the holiday cards that my mom sent out when I was little.

Oh, wow. I was curious what the 2021 Christmas Seals looked like - and found the website. They have a few really cool images from the past. I am resisting the temptation to find a website that shows all of them.


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