Wednesday, December 22, 2021

From Janet - Maple syrup

 Here at the 420, pure maple syrup is one of our major food groups. It must be pure maple syrup. So, you can imagine how alarming it was to learn on Nov 30th that there is a global maple sugar shortage. Canada has already taken steps to insure that there are enough reserves for their citizens. Although nobody should rely on me as an accurate source of information. I'm not one to slosh syrup onto my carbs. But, I'm not sure I could endure life with a syrup-deprived MrWilson. I compensate for my impaired kitchen skills by serving up lots of pancakes and waffles. I sent him a link to the article. I hope he understands that he needs to stock up. I have no idea if this news will have gone viral by the time this post pops up. If it hasn't and you need to insure that you have a stock pile of maple syrup, I hope this news has not arrived too late.


It is now Dec 9 - as I add photos to previously written blurbs. Usually, an envelope from Janet will scream, "I am from Janet!" But for some reason, this one did not. I really like the way she took the stamp, enlarged the image for the envelope, made a duplicate sticker for the back, and then did a whole collage inside that was inspired by the stamp. 

I've shown the collage in two orientations. I preferred the landscape orientation because I wanted that bold yellow line to be the horizon. But, she wrote on the back of the collage, so I could deduce that her preference for the orientation is the portrait, with flowers at the bottom. That one is fine with me. But it brings up too many questions. It makes me look at it in a literal way. The landscape orientation is more abstract. I'm babbling. Ignore me.

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