Saturday, December 25, 2021

From Leslie - puzzle and light

 Since MrWilson has joined us in Chicago, I can up my R&R time - and file another report on what it is like to have Christmas with an 8 yr old and a 6 yr old. My strategy when my kids were young was that they got one present on Dec 24th and it was supposed to entertain them all day. My grandkids like Legos, and I found a really fun jigsaw puzzle that is just rows and rows of little Lego people. I hope my daughter had it on her radar to have the puzzle table cleared off so that the kids could start working on it on the 24th. I hope I remembered to buy myself one of those headlights that you wear on your head to illuminate whatever you are working on. I had to buy one when they lived in Toronto because the kitchen was so dark I couldn't see anything. They laughed at me at first -- but, then I noticed that they were borrowing it. Their puzzle table is not well lit at all. Grrrrr. Although I am guessing that working on jigsaw puzzles would be a horrible drain on my brain.


At first I thought that was a feather, now I am thinking it must be a leaf. It is from Leslie and there was probably a fun note inside. I always enjoy Leslie's notes. I also correspond with her via email. Note to Leslie - and anyone else I correspond with - my short term memory is messed up - so, be prepared for me to not remember much of what is in any correspondence. 

Flip side of Leslie's envelope


  1. Beautiful work - love the 'whoops'.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you FinnBadger! (I think it actually IS a feather, but in my hustle & bustle of doing so much, I probably wrote to Jean that I tried to match the "leaf". Whoops! Oh well! -- I was in a leaf state-of-mind when doing it, I guess!) :D