Saturday, December 11, 2021

A bunch of triangle trees

Realtime add on: There was a triangle tree on Dec 7th and CJ left a comment that she liked the idea and was going to use it for her holiday mail. Thank you, CJ, for letting me know that an idea that didn't seem that great to me - gave you a starting point. CJ is going to post an image on her blog in a couple days - so I'll link to it when I see it.

The name is Sharon Fite. I tried this idea several times and finally gave up. I also photographed them without stamps because my organizational skills have been damaged. By the time I got the stamps on and did the outer envelopes - all I cared about was flinging them into a mailbox. 

Most of the layered-scripty-tree-like envelopes are right here. It feels good to be slogging through these as fast as possible - because then we can look at the gorgeous stuff that people sent in Oct and Nov.

Maggie's, above might be my favorite - I think it was the last one I did - so it's possible that I would have figured out something if I had done all 23 in the exchange - but that's a risk I won't take. If I haven't figured out something that works within 5 or 6 tries - I cut my losses and move on.

After I did these four, I switched to doing red flourishing to look like garlands and added the names like ornaments. They are too rigid for me. And I do not care for the third-third-third amount of red, green, gold. I like it better when one color anchors the design and the others are subordinates and/or accents.

Lower case (above) horrible idea. I should have known better. Grrrrr
But, I do like the quality of the lines better - a little looser.

And then I switched to my G-Tecs (below) -- another bad idea.
Nibs and ink on a Crane's envelope might have been lovely. If I use up all my bad envelopes and only have good ones -- that might resolve all my issues. But in fairness to cheap pens - sometimes they are fine. But they need expensive envelopes.

Realtime PS - I checked CJ's blog to see if she had posted one of her envelopes with a triangle tree and did not see one, but I did see that she was happy to get the check from the insurance company for something that Quill had done. I knew Quill was her cat and wondered - what the heck could Quill have done.

CJ does not have the [Search] feature on her blog, I couldn't find the [Search] feature on her blog, but, I clicked on a [Quill] label on a post and scrolled down to find this blurb about a naughty kitty:

3. Insurance adjustor came to write up claim after Quill turned the taps on in the bathroom, overflowed the sink, and flooded into the basement. Adjustor gave us name of company to come in and dry the basement and check for mold

 I am guessing some of the readers might want to know why you taught your kitty how to turn on faucets.

CJ left a comment with the whole story -- thanks CJ.



  1. Hi Jean! The search feature on my blog is located at the very top of the banner on the far left. Calli and Quill are the kittens we adopted in October. They are 8 mos. old. Calli is a cuddle bug and Quill is more rambunctious. The faucet handles for the bathroom sink are levers that turn quite easily. My guess, Quill got up on the sink while no one was around for an hour, walked by and the tap got turned on. He likes to watch running water. So he probably had a high old time until the sink filled up and then overflowed on the floor. The water seeped through the floor to the basement. It's a very good thing that Quill is cute. Come back on Tuesday and I'll post my Christmas tree sample.

  2. Hi Jean, this is Sharon. Your envelope is even more lovely in person than the image. The photo/scan doesn't show how sparkly the gold pen is. Also, because this was an inner envelope, you used a non-postal (American Lung Association) stamp, and the pen colors were perfect! On the outer envelope (for November) you mentioned that you had a hard time working with the Western Wear stamp. It was a great envelope, perfect for fall! I didn't even buy those stamps because I found them so uninspiring. Thanks for the ideas! Cheers!