Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Uggmo - Sorry Nanski and Faye

Does anyone want to help with a school project for an 8 year old girl in Elgin, IL?
She is trying to collect a postcard from all 50 states. She needs Montana, Louisiana, West Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Alabama.
The postcard needs to have the name of the state on it. I have no idea if they are accepting mail art (with the name of the state written beautifully) - but, if you want to participate and live in one of the above mentioned states, email me directly for the addresss.

Dear Kathleen:
You were up at 4:52 am leaving this comment on yesterday's post:

Hi Jean- Re droopy D: it seems to me that if the weight were at the top it would topple right over, unlike the other similar letters, which appear to have enough grit to stand upright and steady on their own, at least for a little while.
(And enough of the self-flagellation about ugly envelopes. They're not, of course. And you've reminded us regularly that these exchanges are supposed to be fun.😊)

It is so nice to hear from you. We are all curious about why you were up so early. Perhaps you work in a hospital or at USPS processing plant. Or maybe you have a baby. Or maybe you just enjoy your mornings. You inspired me to revise the entire post that I had already written because I need to clarify the difference between self-flagellation and truth telling. 

I am still happy with my personal skill level. I still enjoy experimenting. But these are two of the ugliest experiments that I have churned out in a long time. Who knew that borders could be so wretchedly ugly. That's just my opinion. I probably overstated my disappointment in the envelopes that appeared yesterday. But, they did not thrill me.

At least I had the good sense to stop with just two bordered envelopes. Wild, white flourishing over the top probably would have saved them, but NewJean is less inclined to take risks. 

You (Kathleen) also mentioned that you think a top-weighted D might tip over. I can see how letters can look precarious - but, to me, that would make them look like they were confident.

Thank you for leaving a comment. I've been working on the January posts and coming up with new and interesting ways to make the blog new and interesting since my *condition* has been getting old and boring.



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  1. Hi Jean- belated answer regarding why I was up early when I posted: I'm a "granny nanny" to two perfectly adorable little people 15 months and 3 years old. Very early morning is the quiet time before they arrive for the day. That particular day I was reviewing the checklists for my oldest granddaughter's wedding on New Year's Day and college graduation for yet another another. It's a lively and lovely time in our family. On another note, I'm struck by your good humor and determination while your brain sorts itself out. Surely that has been encouraging to others in the same boat. Thank you for allowing us to share that process. Cheers to you!