Monday, December 20, 2021

From Patty - Combobulate/holiday doldrums

Patty's November envelope - fun as well as USPS friendly. If I did some digging, I could find that font in my stash. Maybe I have posted it to the blog. It would be lovely if I had tagged all the exemplars that I have posted - and maybe someday I will do that. LOL. The scale between the large name and the address is very nice. I can't see this layout being quite as nice with any name longer than 4 letters. Unless you cut into the band on the left, but, I wouldn't like to see it any narrower. Depending on the letters, a 5-letter name would work, if the individual letters were compressed and the height was maintained.


The concept of combobulating has caught my fancy. We have no idea how long I will be on my combobulate binge. Brace yourselves for random pondering and musing. Remember, readers and exchangers, your envelopes and emails are a most welcome series of bright spots and I will be eternally grateful.

If anyone is facing any holiday doldrums, feel free to send me a big-fat-raging-flaming-over-the-top-out-of-the-box rant. jmwilson411-at-yahoo-dot-com

Where did this idea come from? 

Over the years I've had numerous conversations with people who start out by asking me something about the upcoming holidays. Are you ready for them - or something like that. While I am a good sport about the holidays, periodically they have been challenging for me. When asked if I am *ready* for them - I often stick my neck out and am honest that other than the gift wrapping paper and the mail, it's not really my favorite time of year. 

It's amazing how many people upon hearing that I am not a *holiday enthusiast* will let loose with some pretty pent up *stuff.* I can't find the right word - but you know what I mean. So, if anyone needs to let loose with a good rant, go right ahead. Your comments are safe with me - unless they are so good that I need to put them on the blog, but, I will edit them enough that they can't be traced back to you.

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