Thursday, December 23, 2021

From Rachael - Set of questions

 Written on Dec 3rd - it occurred to me that when this pops up, I will be in Chicago. So, here is something new to try in blurb-composing -- write questions - and then answer them during my quiet time in my room on the 22nd.

Dec 22: I deleted the questions. They weren't that interesting. My favorite part of this trip is the magnificent Lego totem that I am building. I am still very disappointed in Lego, that they have too many itty-bitty pieces that only work on very complicated projects where you have to follow the directions - and they have eliminated a lot of the creative aspect of the concept. 


I'm wildly excited about these letters. Of course, the proportion of the name to the envelope pleases me and not every name would be as lovely. The way the first and last name fit together would have a huge impact. Right here I am resisting the temptation to review the lengths of all the names that show up with regularity on the exchanges. However, I am thinking that down the road, if I return to exchanging with everyone on a given month - I might do a better job of pre-sorting the names so that I have a better idea of which names will fit which layouts.

If you do a search for Jeri or Jeri Hobart - you will see that she frequently does center layouts and she has some nice ways of centering the stamps, too. On this one, I can imagine the big stamp, sideways, in the center, a Tiffany lamp on each side, and then the pears next to the lamps. Just a thought. It's perfectly fine the way it is.

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