Sunday, May 28, 2023

To Leslie, Valerie & Maggie in April

This post is out of order - Chapter 6 of our story will pop up tomorrow.

Apologies for all these same-old-same-old pointed nibs and indigo. I had tons of fun - and that's the whole point of this blog and the exchanges.


Amy sent this very nice link to an actual USPS carrier telling us exactly why we do not want to put our return addresses in the middle of the back of the envelope. I love the way he acknowledges that there are people who want the mail to be *cute.*
You do not need a TikTok account to view it. 

I do not watch or do anything with TikTok - but it seems to be in the news - and I do not have the bandwidth to follow what's going on. I actually don't even know what bandwidth is. When grannies are using these techie terms - it seems ominous. Hopefully - technology will continue to have niches that are simple enough for the grannies to still enjoy ourselves.


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