Monday, May 29, 2023

From Lynne to Tracy (6)

Some very nice flowers from Lynne. This confirms once again that black and white with a touch of red is a  very nice color pallette.

 The Certificate Story - Chapter 6

A couple days after StupidJean told Person A to *just find another Old English font* a PDF proof was emailed from Person B at the digital artwork company. Well, if you ever accidentally eat rat poison and you need to throw up really fast - email me and I'll send you the PDF and you'll throw up really fast.

I had no idea that anyone could do such a bad job of replicating something that was pretty straight forward. It wasn't just the font. It was all kinds of craziness in the spacing and proportions. And on top of it -- they kept Connie Wilson in the loop which added layers of confusion that I will leave out.

If you are thinking that we just find new fonts - and adjust some spacing - and everything works out - think again.

StupidJean's adrenalin kicked in and she did a quick search to find a couple fonts that would work and made a concise list of changes - describing the changes that were needed - and it's really hard to describe proportions and margins and spacing changes - in words - through email. In my world - we have layouts and proofs - on actual paper - and we make marks, giving directions, with pencils. I might as well have been communicating with two tin cans and a string. But, I gave it a try.

It was only Thursday - so - it seemed like a minor setback - but not too concerning.

Until Friday - when I ended up with the usual illness that the grandkids bring home from school - and their parents feel so bad that once again, they are sending Nanna home in less-than-optimal shape -- and in Jean's clouded head - she can see the future - and she knows there is no way that the certificate proof is going to be OK on Monday - but at least she has until the following Thursday to sort things out - if she is still alive.

We are prepared for things not being right - but is there any way to anticipate how far off course things are going to go. Even my sleep was interrupted by nightmares where I was on a catastrophic trip. I had not yet resorted to drugs - yup - you know Nanna is in bad shape when she busts out the Tylenol.

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