Wednesday, March 29, 2023

From Janet to Jennifer - size and spacing opinions

That's a lovely repeat of the heart on the i with the stamp and the big heart on the left. It looks like a necklace. That's a clever way to draw the viewers eye around the envelope - instead of just letting the big heart sit there -- in space. And then it wraps around to all kinds of fun on the back.

When you see the 3 hearts - that's what's known as hierarchy. It's a design principle that is used all the time, everywhere. You see it a lot in interior design. In mixing fabrics - designers will choose a small scale print or stripe or plaid - with a medium scale print/stripe/plaid and a large scale print/stripe/plaid - and the rest will be solid. I'm not saying this is a rule -- it's just an option. 

Here's a detail to note: She spelled out IOWA so that the two address lines are the same length. It's a minor thing - but it is something I usually contemplate with addresses. I also like how she bumped up the point size of the zip code. It would be fine if it were the same size and tighter with the street and city/state. She chose to make the zip a little bigger - and drop it down a bit. 

Either way would have been just fine -- the one thing that -for my eyes- would have been distracting - would have been if the zip code was not centered. With all the other elements on this envelope - I really like the consistency of the name/address/zip being centered. 

Of course, if you do not want to even think about the size and spacing of any of the elements on your envelopes - you are free to ignore the whole concept and just fling things willy-nilly. 


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