Sunday, March 26, 2023

From Grace to Jennifer - at least we are trying

This is from Grace - and I am very curious if she wrote the colorful name first and then layered the black over the top -or- did she write the black name and then layer it with the colors. I'm thinking I will try it each way - and see what happens. There are also come nice sparkly swirly flourishes. The colors in the stamps offered a good direction - since they complement each other.

Part of the fun of this design are those two *dots* on j and i. Those little details can be *the cherry on top.* 

When April rolls around, there will be some envelopes I did for the March exchange that did not please me at all. I loaded them into posts - and will go back to write the blurbs. I'm not looking forward to that part - but this popped up on Instagram - and it is a good reminder that puttering around with stuff that does not turn out beautifully might steer me towards something better. I'm not linking to the account that this came from because it's not one that I follow - so I don't want to link to anything unless I feel like it is worthwhile - or has something to offer.

Now I'm having second thoughts about this. Is it giving us permission to just be bumbling fools? It goes against Yoda - who reminds us: Do or don't do. There is no try. I'm pretty sure he was not talking about his penmanship practice. However - I recall experiencing some Yoda-esque behavior when people would produce an entire page that where they weren't making progress. It can be hard to see what needs to be fixed and then FIX it - in the following letter. This is hard to explain in words ..... but I keep trying.....

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