Thursday, March 23, 2023

From Grace - signature style article


Here is Grace's envelope from February - so pretty. I wonder what Grace's signature looks like. And you are probably wondering why I am wondering that --- you will find out when you read the add-on - which is not off-topic at all. For anyone interested in  upping their design sense -- notice how she made a very short l in Wilson - so that she could keep the two names very tight. If the name was all in one line - the l would probably have been a bit taller - but it's perfectly legible - and the spacing between the two names is just perfect.


Here is a really fun article about penmanship people who have come up with a new career for themselves. They re-design signatures for people who recognize that their signatures are lacking in some way. IMHO the two biggest problems are illegibility and lack-of-??  I don't even know what to call it when a signature is lacking in ??what?? See - I can't find constructive words --- I do appreciate signatures that are very quirky - so, I'm not saying that they should conform to any particular style. 

I'll stop jabbering -- here is the article:

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