Sunday, November 28, 2021

Lauren's Oct - (Lion King Cake)

Another classic from Lauren. Fun stamps -- and I like the use of Missus.
I need to find the photo of what was inside.
Although, I can't promise that will happen. 

I shot a video of it - but this morning, it was just a non-working gray square.
I'll re-try.

Our add on today is a really funny birthday cake.
A three year old who:
asked for a Lion King cake but specifically the moment where Mufasa dies, because
 “everyone will be too sad to eat the cake & it will be all for me.” 

Click on the > at the link to see the 3-yr old.

In the comments, someone suggested that a three year old would not have the verbal skills to make such a request. I disagree. Not all three year olds talk like that. Some kids are very verbal at a very early age. For example, my daughter was an early talker. Even as a toddler, people would hear her very clear comments or questions, then pause, and ask, "How OLD is she?"

Three years behind her, my older son spoke only gibberish for quite some time and if a stranger asked him a question, he refused to talk at all. Recently (at 37) he had to take a test to assess his skill at speaking English to get a permanent visa in Canada. The person administering the test said that this was only the third time he had given the test to someone who was English-as-first-language. Most of the people applying for visa's in Canada are from India.


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